BOD Info

Grand Chapter Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet regularly throughout the year.  

Following is the Board of Directors meeting schedule for 2022-2023.  While this is meant to be a pretty firm schedule, there may be situations that cause us to change some dates.  Please feel free to contact the Board members directly at


    10/30/22 (Sun) BOD via zoom 1:00

    11/13/22 (Sun)  Board meeting in person for reports (Gunnison) 10:00

    12/11/22 - Board meeting if needed  (zoom) 1:00

    1/22/23 (Sun)   BOD meeting & retreat – OES office 10:00

    2/12/23 (Sun) BOD zoom meeting at 1:00 – if needed

    3/5/23 (Sun) BOD meeting at OES office 10:00

    4/23/23 (Sun) BOD meeting in person & zoom in Leadville at 10:00

    5/27/23 (Sun) BOD meeting via zoom zoom if needed 1:00

    6/18/23 (Sun) BOD meeting via zoom 1:00

    7/8/23 – (Sat) BOD meeting via zoom   1:00

    8/20/23 (Sun) BOD meeting and picnic   1:00 – OES office, or TBD

Betty Benson, PM (2) Chair

 Pam Jones, PM(66) Vice Chair 

Patsy Troutner, PM (158) Secretary

Carol Peck, PM(157)

Mike Brewer,  PGP(124)