What is Eastern Star?

Star Point Info & Scriptures


Adah – Judges 11.30-31, 34-35

Color is blue and symbolizes Fidelity

Emblem: Sword and Veil united

Flower: Violet * Open Bible


Ruth –Ruth 2:16-17; 2:1-2.5

Color is yellow and symbolizes Constancy

Emblem: Sheaf

Flower: yellow Jessamine * Lily of the Valley


Esther – Esther 2:17, 20; 5:1-3

Color is white and symbolizes Light, Purity, and Joy

Emblem: Crown and Scepter united

Flower: White Lily * the Sun


Martha – St John 1.3-4, 20,22-26

Color is green and symbolizes Hope & Immortality

Emblem: the Broken Column

Flower:  Fern * the Lamb


Electa – I John 4:7-8, 17-21

II John 1:1-5

Color is red and symbolizes Fervency

Emblem: The Cup

Flower:  Red Rose * the Lion