Colorado OES Library

Flag Programs/Songs

Title Author File Size
Closing Flag Ceremony Various 51K
Flag Folding Ceremony Unknown 92K
Miscellaneous Flag Programs Various 493K
Our Flag Colorado SAR 273K
Star Points Flag Ceremony Unknown 90K
Title Author File Size
Have a Good Day Sister Sylvia J. Houston 115K
I Found the Rainbow Lois Stewart & Wilma Ketchum 136K
I'm Just Asleep in Jesus Sister Sylvia J. Houston 52K
Initiation Song Unknown 42K
Keep the Love of Jesus in your Smile Sister Sylvia J. Houston 32K
Miscellaneous Songs Various 99K
Mr. Wonderful Unknown 56K

Poems, Sayings, Thoughts

Title Author File Size
Miscelaneous Star Point Poems & Tributes Various 444K
On Yonder Book Brother T. E. Cochran, PWGP, Kentucky 4.3M
Poems-Secretary, Treasurer Various 148K
Selected Poems by Sylvia Houston Sylvia J. Houston, New Mexico 267K
Star Point Poems Gail Steves Bragg 93K
The Brave, The Tried, The True Allison Chambers Coxsey 50K
Thought for Mother's Day A. Robertson, British Columbia 29K
Various Poems and Sayings Various-from George W. Olinger Collection 15M


Title Author File Size
General Prayers Unknown 144K
The Secretary's Prayer Unknown 80K


Title Author File Size
Calendar Fund Raiser Sister Yvonne Read, Hope #122 91K
Christmas Picture Game Unknown 189K
Cities and Towns of Colorado Unknown 51K
Find Someone Who Unknown 44K
Halloween Word Games Unknown 80K
Miscellaneous Word Search Games Various 332K
Name These Tunes Unknown 106K
OES Colorado Chapters Game Unknown 52K
OES Crossword Puzzle Unknown 177K
You Know You're Living In... Unknown 41K

Fund Raisers

Title Author File Size
Phantom Tea-Bakeless Bake Sale Sister Corley Anne Byras, GSec, Maine 42K
Various Chapter Taxes Various 184K
Various Fund Raisers Various 1.4M
Title Author File Size
Share Christmas Calendar Unknown 74K
Title Author File Size
Commercial Fund Raising Ideas Miscellaneous 23M