Colorado OES Library


Title Author File Size
A Short History of OES Gilbert Publishing Co. 380K
Early History of the Eastern Star Brother Alonzo J. Burton, NY 94K
Education and the Eastern Star Bertha Brock, 1926 744K
Historical Sketch of OES Gilbert Publishing Co. 229K
Historical Sketch of OES-Clark George B. Clark, PP Pueblo #7, 1919 1.1M
History of OES Unknown 339K
The Order of the Eastern Star Leon V. Stone, PP--Christian Science Monitor, 5 Feb 1957 569K
Title Author File Size
Masonry of Adoption Alonzo J. Burton, NY 573K
Title Author File Size
He Belongs to the Ages (215 page book) Beulah H. Malone, PGM OK 63K

Chapter Histories

Title Author File Size
Trinidad Chapter No. 1 OES Marjorie L. Hawley, PM Trinidad #1 481K
Title Author File Size
Areme Chapter No. 124 (cover page only) Areme History Committee, 1975 11M
Title Author File Size
A History of Martha Chapter #135 (page 1 of 35) Sister Margaret Benn 77K

History of Lodges

Title Author File Size
Dearest Ties Gilbert's Publishing 125K
Title Author File Size
History of the Masonic Lodge of Central City Sister Lea S. Robinson, 1970 1.1M
Title Author File Size
The History of Breckenridge Lodge AF&AM #47 Brother Wes Enyeart, et al, 1975 4.5M

History of the World (according to children)

Title Author File Size
A History of the World Richard Lederer 273K

Rob Morris Biographies

Title Author File Size
(Intro) Robert Morris Digest of Symbolism-51 pages Sister Beulah H. Malone, PGM, OK, 1973 100K
Biographical Sketch of Robert Morris PSSB 193K
Dr. Rob Morris Gilbert's Publishing 4.1M
Founder of the Eastern Star Sister Sallie C. Mitchell, KY 348K
Rob Morris (8 1/2 x 14 title page) Katharine Curzon Lowman, PM 21K
Rob Morris Memorial Leo Rodden, Curator 5.3M
The Origin of out Order (a playlet) Sister Helen Notellie, Martha #135 283K
The Rob Morris Quiz Sister Velma King, WM, Palestine #92, Hugo, CO 156K

Treasured Verses

Title Author File Size
Grit-Poetry Just For You Various 259K
Life Unknown 20K
Miscellaneous Verses-1 Various 203K
Miscellaneous Verses-2 Various 285K
Miscellaneous Verses-3 Various 200K
Miscellaneous Verses-4 Various 125K
Odds & Ends-Gems of Thought-1 Essie Stallings 238K
Odds & Ends-Gems of Thought-2 Essie Stallings 288K
Odds & Ends-Gems of Thought-3 Lena Henderson & Essie Stallings 261K
Sprigs of Green Marjorie M. Morgan 5.1M

Officer Seekers

Title Author File Size
Office Seekers Eastern Star Review 43K

Courtesy Board History

Title Author File Size
History of the Courtesy Board Virginia L. Owen, Temple #96 203K

International Temple

Title Author File Size
Booklet-1 International Eastern Star Temple General Grand Chapter-1977 2.9M
Booklet-2 International Eastern Star Temple General Grand Chapter-1977 2.7M
Brief International Temple Committee Report-1971 International Temple Committee, 1971 48K
Denver Masonic Temple Progress Report-1950 Masonic Temple Association of Denver-1950 74K
Digest of GGC Legislation-July 1928-Denver General Grand Chapter, 1928 338K
Eastern Star Acquires the Belmont Mansion Washington Post, Sept. 14, 1935 71K
GGC Appeal for Funds for Temple General Grand Chapter, 1932 288K
GGC Contributions Report, 1934 General Grand Chapter, May 15, 1934 110K
Int'l Temple Post Cards Curteich Photo 51K
International Eastern Star Temple General Grand Chapter, 1935 103K
International Temple Pictures-B&W Lucille Schwartz 5.0M
Minutes, International Temple Committee-May 13, 1932 General Grand Chapter, 1932
Peace, Harmony and Brotherly Love (newspaper page) Christian Science Monitor, February 5, 1957 150K
The International Eastern Star Temple General Grand Chapter-1948 141K

Religious Stories-Sayings

Title Author File Size
A Partridge in a Pear Tree (Jesus) Unknown 19K
Afterhours Inspirational Stories Unknown 65K
Blessings Unknown 66K
Church Funnies Unknown 90K
Selected Religious Poems Sylvia J. Houston 116K
Selected Year-end Readings Unknown 104K
Various Prayers Various 163K
Welcome All Seniors and Grandparents Unknown 855K

History of Chapters-Other States

Title Author File Size
By-Laws Coldwater Chapter No. 1-1934-5 Coldwater Chapter 369K
Coldwater Chapter No. 1-1938 Coldwater Chapter 215K
History of Coldwater Chapter No. 1 Sister Ella J. Culver-1930 173K
Title Author File Size
Visit at Miranda Jubilee Chapter #120, Caringbah, Australia Dorothy and Charles Wisherd 151K