Colorado OES Library

Altar Programs

Title Author File Size
Altar_Bible_Dedication Creative Studio-Charlotte Haber 141K
Bible_Presentation Lynda Clements-Ontario 145K
Bible_Presentation-2 Unknown 130K
Outgoing_Ceremony-1 Unknown 194K
Outgoing_Ceremony-2 Unknown 130K
Term_Outgoing_Ceremony-1 Connie Shrum 2.2M
Term_Outgoing_Ceremony-2 Connie Shrum 186K

General Information

Title Author File Size
2002_in_Review Dorla Summars-Oklahoma 2.0M
Checklist-Audience Participation Unknown 1.8M
Checklist-Prepare a Program Unknown 1.9M
Checklist-Program_Assignments-Review Unknown 1.9M
Title Author File Size
Beacon of Light Unknown 1.5M
Cool Friendship Messages Unknown 5.1M
Dirt Roads Paul Harvey 4.1M
FOR THOSE OF US OVER 40..... Sonja M. Liljengren-CT 2.0M
Friends Unknown 6.6M
Friendship in Color Unknown 147K
Funny_Accident_Report Funny Stuff Central-2001 3.6M
SUFFERING W. Waldemar W. Argow--NY 1.6M
THE TRIAL OF A HORSE THIEF Geocities-1999 2.0M
TRUE FRIENDSHIP Isabella Young-1998 1.5M
Title Author File Size
Various Planning Booklets Gilbert Publishing 6.4M
Worthy_Matrons'_Hand_Book General Grand-1957 1.1M


Title Author File Size
Chapter Affiliation Colorado Unknown 1.1M
Chapter Affiliation-Ontario Unknown 981K
WGP Checklist Unknown 186K
Title Author File Size
Affiliation Ceremony Unknown-GGC? 598K
Individual Affiliation Sister Carol Sponholtz 422K
Individual Affiliation-GGC GGC Committee 845K
Traveling Together Sister Helen Seitter Stocklen 470K
Treasures of Love Sister Pearle Seitter, PM 564K
We'll walk with You Sister Pearle Seitter, PM 443K

Holiday Programs

Title Author File Size
Appointment in Bethlehem Walther League, 1948 420K
Christmas Story Unknown 276K
Gilbert's Christmas Bells Gilbert's Publishing 40K
Happy Birthday jesus Unknown 723K
Modern 12 Days of Christmas Sarah Murray 191K
Modern The Night Before Christmas Sister Glenna Walsh-Frost, PM Texas 908K
The Fir Tree's Gift Browne Sampsell 236K
The Night Before Christmas Left-Right Sister Corley Anne Byras, GS Main 441K
Title Author File Size
A Christmas Question Margaret K. Fraser 111K
A Christmas with Mary and Martha Sister Kathy Shriefer 89K
A Masonic Christmas Story Brothers Lund & Dixon, NJ 533K
An Old Fashioned Christmas Sister Una M. Heidebreicht 158K
I'm Gonna Ask Him Brother Wayne Eicher, Ohio 92K
Seven Christmas Poesm Hazel Adams, et al 247K
Several Christmas Poems & Thoughts Various 795K
The Miracle in Bethlehem Sister Jan Carlson 417K
Three Christmas Thoughts Unknown 161K
Title Author File Size
Still Shines the Star Karin Asbrad 72K
Title Author File Size
For ALL of our Mothers Richard LaFlame, Calif 562K
I was walking with my Mother Dr. & Sister Kelley Byrd 107K
Kids' Sayings-Set 5 2.0M
Kids' Sayings-Set 6 688K
Mother's Day Poems Jill Lemming, Howard Johnson 123K
Mother's Day Thoughts Various 418K
MOTHER'S LOVE Sister Pearle Seitter, Hamilton, MO 351K
Thoughts on Kids by Some Mothers Various 309K
To be Six Again Unknown 389K
Title Author File Size
4 Short Thoughts Various 298K
Father's Day Service Unknown 371K
Fourth of July & Thanksgiving Various 187K
New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep! 282K
Talks for Festival Days Sister Alice Flake, PGM 230K
The Brave, The Tried, The True Allison Chambers Coxsey 154K
The Soldier (Night before Christmas) Unknown 369K
U. S. Flag Poems 1.5M
Valentine Ideas & Heroes Sister Carole Mather, St. Helens, Oregon 232K
Title Author File Size
Easter & Passover Customs 445K
Easter Candle-Light Service Fraternal Supply House 188K
Easter Eggs 492K
Easter Service Grand Junction #103 946K
How the egg came to symbolize Easter Anne Campbell, Detroit News 3/26/1948 1.1M
Talks for Festival Days-Easter Unknown 127K
The Easter Bunny 169K
The Story of Easter 272K
Title Author File Size
Halloween-the Golden Month Unknown 441K
Various Halloween Poems Unknown 577K

Program-Flowers, Friendship, Butterflies

Title Author File Size
Floral Ceremony Brother Alonzo Burton, 1874 413K
Friendship Garden Unknown 1.3M
Lesson of the Flowers Unknown 557K
The Message of the Flowers Pearle Seitter, PM, MO No. 275 461K
Title Author File Size
The Legend of the Butterfly Jewel Maxon 223K
Woolie Worms and Butterflies Lois Stewart, Wilma Ketchum, Pueblo No. 7 150K


Title Author File Size
Escort's Promise Ceremony Unknown 709K
The Grand Secretary Prayer Unknown 108K
WGM & WGP Tribute Unknown 414K
Title Author File Size
Typical Day of a Modern WM Unknown 1.6M
Title Author File Size
Tribute to Incoming WM (Rosary) Lowmans, Inc. 555K
Tribute to Junior WM & WP Pat Campbell, PM Rio Linda #631, CA 410K
Title Author File Size
A Star Within a Circle Unknown 782K
Title Author File Size
Mary Had a Little Lamb Ruth Adama, PM AZ 871K


Title Author File Size
A Crazy Fashion Show Unknown 2.3M
Cats! Unknown 328K
The Coffee Expert Unknown 249K
The Importance of Laughter Unknown 471K
The Power of Color Unknown 328K
The Story of Tea Unknown 422K
Young in the Star Unknown, TX 1998 327K
Title Author File Size
Marshal's Flower Ceremonies Various 670K
Marshal's Ribbon Ceremony Unknown 450K
The Guiding Star Helen Seitter Stocklen, MO 395K
Title Author File Size
New Member Poem Tracey Reither, PM Pa 416K

Programs (General)

Title Author File Size
Deck of Cards Prayer Book Captain G.E. 'Hap' Hill, Ret 798K
Do We Take the Eastern Star too Seriously? PGM Bertha T. Sieg, CO 688K
Had the Sisters Built the Ark Unknown 1.4M
Let George Do It Abbot & Costello 665K
The Builders Helen Seitter Stocklen, MO 754K
The Old Weathered Barn Unknown 441K
Three Little Trees Unknown 462K
What Did You Expect? Unknown 634K
Who's On First? Abbot & Costello 992K
Title Author File Size
Chapter Night in the Life of a Secretary Unknown 179K
Honor My Secretary Linda Guy, Jacksonville #377, TX 354K
Ode to Our Organist Sister Rose Wilfer, Electa Modesto #72, CA 173K
Secretary's Anti-Stress Kit Shirley Gill, Trenton #118, Ontario 234K
Volunteers Various 378K
Title Author File Size
The Golden Chain Unknown 502K
Title Author File Size
Baby Dedication-1973 Golda W. Yater, Golden Sheaf #111 419K
Baby Dedication-1981 Annette Jean Britton, Peace Chapter #151 296K

Brothers Night Programs

Title Author File Size
Brothers Night Program Unknown 3.3M
Fellowship Wheel (part missing) Unknown 2.0M
Heart and Home Degree Sister Corely Anne Byres, ME 1.2M
King Solomon had Troubles too Unknown 301K
Man, I Love You Gilbert's Publishing 1.5M
The Masons Meet (Pink Lodge Play) Sister Lola Lamoreax 4.8M
What is a Mason? Unknown 273K


Title Author File Size
The Ballot and the Black Cube Corrine Malin 2.1M
The Black Ball Unknown 983K
The Black Ball (a Poem) Unknown 821K


Title Author File Size
A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever Marjorie M. Morgan, PM Ontario 1.3M
Portraits of Life Marjorie M. Morgan, PM Ontario 1.2M
Tapestry of Life Marjorie M. Morgan, PM Ontario 1.3M


Title Author File Size
Pentalpha-Alpha_Party_Traditional_Guidelines Linda Wingate, PM South Gate #104 331K
The Old Fashioned Garden Pearle Seitter, PM, Hamilton #275, MO 1.4M
The Path of Friendship Pearle Seitter, PM, Hamilton #275, MO 1.3M

Star Point Programs

Title Author File Size
In the Beginning Sister Marjorie M. Morgan, PGM Ontario 1.4M
Precious Emblems Sister Marjorie M. Morgan, PGM Ontario 1.3M
To Everything there is a Season Sister Marjorie M. Morgan, PGM Ontario 1.3M
Title Author File Size
History of the Star Points (Jephtha & Adah only) Brother John Lacock, Signet #22, MA 3.1M
Initiation Song Unknown 854K
Life's Garden Sister Helen Seitter Stocklen 1.4M
My Wish For You Jan and Ed Charter 285K
Star Point Ceremony Unknown 872K
The Colors of the Star Sister Helen Seitter Stocklen 557K
The Star Points Unknown 2.1M
Tribute to Star Points Sister Dorothy Stern, PGS-CO 625K
Where friends are not made in a day Unknown 444K
Title Author File Size
Lessons of Star Points Unknown 1.1M
Title Author File Size
Ceremony Honoring Star Points Unknown 789K
Loving Arms of Service Sister Marjorie M. Morgan, PGM Ontario 620K
The Keys to our Hearts Sister Marjorie M. Morgan, PGM Ontario 656K
Title Author File Size
The Heroines of the Eastern Star Sister Bertha T. Sieg, PGM Colorado 7.8M
Title Author File Size
Inspiration of the Labyrinth Education Committee, Colorado 2.8M
Inspiration of the Labyrinth (10 pages) Gilbert's Publishing 229K
Title Author File Size
Star Points Colors Ceremony Unknown 1.5M

Programs-Star Points

Title Author File Size
Adah (a Dissertation) Fred Kamm, PGP, Colorado 901K
Adah (a Poem) Ruth Kraxberger, WM 1962, Palestine #92 337K
Adah (from the Hebrew, Brightness) L. C. Dryden, PP 1.7M
Adah (Honors Past Adahs) Gladys Medford, PM Cheyenne Wells #110 1.1M
Adah-Jephtha Unknown 1.9M
Jephtha's Daughter N. P. Willis 1.6M
Jephtha's Daughter-a Booklet Frances Millburg-1949 710K
Jephthah's Daughter-expanded Unknown 1.3M
The Daughter and the Master Mason Unknown 3.2M
Title Author File Size
A Pageant (Featuring Ruth) Beatrice Skelton-1953, Colorado 1.8M
Poems of Ruth Unknown 1.1M
Presenting the Sheaf Mary Elvers 454K
Ruth (a Picture Album) Unknown 2.6M
Ruth (from the Hebrew, Beauty) Unknown 1.8M
Ruth, Handmaid of God Frances Millburg 696K
Ruth-expanded Unknown 1.2M
Ruth-History Unknown 3.4M
Ruth-Orpah Unknown 1.9M
The Story of Ruth Reva Jane Hopkins 1.1M
The Widow and the Knight Templar Unknown 3.7M
Title Author File Size
Esther (The Heroines of our Order) L. C. Dryden, PP 2.6M
Esther and Zeresh Unknown 1.5M
Esther Star of Israel Frances Millburg-1950 4.0M
Esther, an analysis Unknown 5.9M
Esther--a 4-part Pageant Unknown 1.5M
Esther--a Poem Ruth Kraxberger, WM Palestine #92 371K
Esther-expanded Unknown 1.2M
Queen Esther Story comes alive in 'Persia' Unknown 1.3M
The Wife and the Royal Arch Mason Unknown 4.0M
Title Author File Size
Martha (The Heroines of our Order) L. C. Dryden, PP 1.7M
Martha and Mary Unknown 1.2M
Martha, an analysis Unknown 6.0M
Martha, the Practical Christian Unknown 3.7M
Martha, the Practical Christian (Booklet) Frances Millburg 4.2M
Martha--a Poem Ruth Kraxberger, WM Palestine #92 758K
Martha-expanded Unknown 1.3M
The Sister and the Christ Unknown 2.5M
Title Author File Size
Electa Unknown 1.7M
Electa (The Heroines of our Order) L. C. Dryden, PP 1.4M
Electa, Singular Woman Unknown 1.3M
Electa---mysterious lady of Rome Frances Millburg, PM 6.1M
Electa--a Poem Ruth Kraxberger, WM Palestine #92 342K
The Elect Lady--Electa, an analysis Unknown 8.4M
The Elect Lady-expanded Unknown 1.3M


Title Author File Size
Home Sweet Home-A Three Act Comedy Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, Missouri 14M
Title Author File Size
Ma's Sabbath Mourn Leota Hulse Black, 1931, Iowa 2.8M
Title Author File Size
Magic Eastern Star Chapter Unknown 1.3M
Ten Easy Acts for Men Arthur Le Roy Kaser 960K
Title Author File Size
The Old Fashioned Garden Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, Missouri, 1949 1.2M

General Ceremonies

Title Author File Size
Short Pieces to Honor Sideliners Wayne Eicher, et al 1.4M
To Our Members Margot Strongitharm, PDDGM, Ontario 1.1M
Title Author File Size
Candle Ceremony Karen Tankersley 398K
I Go My Way Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, Missouri, 1948 1.7M
The Light in the Window Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, Missouri, 1951 1.9M
The Lighted Lanterns Helen Seitter Stocklen, Hamilton #275, Missouri, 1951 1.9M
Title Author File Size
Closing Unknown 647K
Closing--Wing Mary Lou Wing, AM Radiant #12, 1984-85 1.1M


Title Author File Size
Anniversary Candle Ceremony Unknown 3.9M
Remembering Lowmans, Inc. 1.7M
Stitching the Perfect Design Marjorie M. Morgan, PGM Ontario-1979 2.5M
You Did Your Bit--We Add Ours Katharine Curzon Lowman, PM Ohio 3.4M
Title Author File Size
Anniversaries of Lodges Unknown 426K
Crowns of Gold Helen Seitter Stocklen 3.6M
Fifty Years of Friendship Gilbert Publishing Co. 1.9M
Title Author File Size
Happy Birthday Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, Missouri, 1940 1.8M
Our Chapter Birthday Helen Seitter Stocklen-1960 1.6M
Title Author File Size
50 Year Members Programs Unknown 1.9M
Dedication of Love Elsie J. Harston, Scottsville #60, Kentucky 1.1M
Memories of Yesterday Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, Missouri, 1950 3.4M
Presentation of 25 & 50 Year Pins Unknown 577K
The Golden Links Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, Missouri, 1944 1.4M
Title Author File Size
Silver Anniversary (with adaption for golden) Carrie Baxter Jennings 6.0M
The Silver Years Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, Missouri, 1947 1.5M


Title Author File Size
As Time Moves On Sister Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, MO 13M
Title Author File Size
Eight-Line Memorial Verses Unknown 13M
Four-Line Memorial Verses Unknown 16M
In Memorium Various 14M
Longer Memorial Verses Unknown 11M
Short Memorial Service Unknown 2.6M
Six-Line Memorial Verses Unknown 3.3M
Two-Line Memorial Verses Unknown 8.1M
Two-Line Memorial Verses-2 Unknown 3.5M
Title Author File Size
Annual Memorial Service Unknown 8.3M
Believest Thou This Lowmans Inc. 6.6M
Consider the Lilies Sister Lucille McFarlin, WM Faith #140 3.1M
In Memory's Garden Sister Helen Seitter Stocklen, Missouri 9.1M
Memorial Ceremony Russ Mason, PP Collins #26 5.5M
Memorial for Daylight Chapter Sister Georgia Hall 3.7M
Memorial for East Denver #123 Unknown 6.0M
Memorial Night (short) Unknown 3.2M
Memorial Service Unknown 8.8M
Memorial Service (Martha) Unknown 13M
Memorial Service-Grand Chapter Sister Nancy Zwanziger, Grand Chaplain, Colorado, 1995 9.3M
Old Rugged Cross Memorial Stallings Co. 3.2M
Precious Memories Stallings Co. 7.1M
Remembrance Sister Lola Lamoreux 6.9M
The Altar of Memory Unknown 5.6M
The Broken Wheel Sister Pearle Seitte, PM Hamilton #275, MO 11M
The Hour of Remembrance Sister Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, MO 9.3M
They Have Walked Through the Open Door Stallings Co. 6.5M

Parliamentary Procedures

Title Author File Size
Cushing's Manual of Parliamentary Practice Albert S. Bolles, PhD, LLD 2.3M

Marches and Drills

Title Author File Size
Broken Column March Diagrams Gilbert Publishing 21M
Circles of Love Lowman's, Inc. 14M
Diagrams of Marches (3158E) Gilbert Publishing 20M
March Diagrams with Square and Compass Gilbert Publishing 23M
Old March Diagrams Various Unknown 26M
Opening and Retiring Marches (A4 paper) Katherine C. Lowman, P.M. 19M

Eastern Star Lessons and Landmarks

Title Author File Size
Five Steps to the Eleventh Commandment Eileen Hartline, P.M. Southgate #104 47M
Title Author File Size
A Short Lesson of our Star Unknown 9.1M
Office Seekers Eastern Star Review 2.9M

Rob Morris

Title Author File Size
OES Birthplace Juanita Cato & Ed McDonald 9.2M
Rob Morris Last Will (50 page booklet) Sister Buelah H. Malone, PGM, PGS, OK 4.5M
Rob Morris Our Founder (14 inch paper) Sister Katharine Lowman, PM 3.3M
Rob Morris Program (in rhyme) Sister Sylvia J. Houston 16M
Rob Morris Short Programs Various 3.7M
Title Author File Size
A Tribute to Robert Macoy (51 page booklet) Sister Annie M. Pond, PGM NY 6.0M
Somebody Cares (24 page booklet) Iowa PGP Committee-1929 5.5M

Star Information

Title Author File Size
The Inspiration of the Labyrinth Sister Nettie Ransford, PMWGM 15M
Untitled Bible Program Unknown 7.0M
What is Eastern Star? Unknown 2.7M
Title Author File Size
Landmarks of the Order of the Eastern Star Sister Corrine Malin 11M

Programs-Obligation, Patriotic

Title Author File Size
A re-Obligation Lowman's, Inc. 16M
Let Us Remember Our Vows Lowman's, Inc. 12M
On Yonder Book Unknown 3.9M
Our Obligation Brother Henry Peterson, Martha #135 7.0M
Our Sacred Vows Sister Lola Lamoreux 4.5M
Rededication Sister Lola Lamoreux 8.0M
Title Author File Size
A Series of Flag Salutes Lucille W. Lovell, Idaho 28M
Flag Tributes Various 16M
from I Am An American George Washington 3.3M
I Am Old Glory MSgt Percy Webb, USMC 3.3M
Information on the Flag California CPAT 11M
My Angel Mother (Abraham Lincoln) Gilbert Publishing Co. 18M
No One Asked Grand Junction #103 20M
Patriotic Sentiments Various 27M

Honoring WM & WP

Title Author File Size
For Installation of WM & WP Unknown 48K
Loyalty and Love Pearle Seitter, WM Hamilton #275, MO 144K
Title Author File Size
As Time Moves On Sister Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, MO (1951) 405K
Fenced in by Love Unknown 479K
Honoring PMs & PPs Unknown 59K
Loyalty (A Candle Lighting Service) Sister Helen Seitter Stocklen (1968) 375K
PM & PP Honors Miscellaneous 294K
PM & PP's Night Sister Lola Lamoreux 237K
Serving Again Sister Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, MO (1949) 249K
The Wheels of Time Sister Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, MO (1948) 175K
The Wise Old Owls Sister Lola Lamoreux 262K
Title Author File Size
I Go My Way Sister Pearle Seitter, PM Hamilton #275, MO, (1948) 297K
Presenting Flowers or Gifts to Retiring WM Sister Ethel Peck 85K
Retiring Address No 3 Gilbert Publishing Co. 118K
Retiring Patron's Thanks Unknown 49K
Title Author File Size
Thanks to a Husband (WP) for a PM's Ring Unknown 49K
Title Author File Size
Freemasonry and the Eastern Star Sister Corley Anne Byers, ME 130K
Numbers, Angles, Shapes Unknown 208K
The Masons Meet (a play) Sister Lola Lamoreux 600K
The Order of Real She-men Cave (a play) Sister Connie Shrum 582K
Tribute to Free Masons Sister Sylvia J. Houston 68K