Colorado OES Library



Welcome to the Colorado Eastern Star Program Library pages. Here you will find a collection of special programs, poems, playlets and other presentations. They have been donated to Grand Chapter by many, many Sisters and Brothers during the past 100 years or so. These papers are here for your use, however, when using the items, please give credit to the author.

Please click on the following links to download and read them.


On these pages, you will find a table of all the programs and documents in the collection. At first, they are sorted by Title, showing 10 per page. You may sort them by Author, Subject and/or Keyword(s).   You may also change the number shown per page to 25, 50 or 100.


Here you will find a representation of the Education and Library Committee file cabinet. You may open any of the drawers and "thumb" through the hangers and folders found there. Close all the drawers to start your journey back here.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a few papers which are several megabytes in size. For some browsers, they may be too large for downloading. Some ISPs restrict the downloading you may do at any one time, or the "speed" at which you may download. Therefore, for these reasons, or others, you may not be able to download every paper, or it may seem like nothing is happening.

There are also several papers which are many, many pages each. Others are on 14-inch paper, which cannot be scanned by the current scanner. These papers have notes in the title, indicating the "defect". They are always available to be copied during Grand Chapter business hours.

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