The Liberty Day Institute

What is Liberty Day Institute?

Founded in 1996, the Liberty Day Institute is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to educating young Americans about the contents of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independance.

We are about working with educators and community organizationsto ensure that every child in America knows and understands the basics of our founding fathers.

What do we do?

The Liberty Day Institute provides educators with materials with which to introduce their students to the contents of hte U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independance.  These materials include pock-sized booklets containing the founding documents and accompanying sets of factual Q&A flashcards.

We work alongside members of the community as all lavels - from parents and attorneys to elected officials and college students - to provide them with engaging and interactive lessons with outside presenters.



How do we do it?

The Liberty Day Institute involves youth in several unique, interactive programs with a rangge of people.

  • The Institiute's standard programs provide teachers, individuals, groups, and others with copies of the booklets and Q&A card at the low cost of $1.00 per set.  these materials are often provided free of charge thaanks to donations and grants from individuals , community businesses, local governments, and foundations.
  • We arrange field trips to for Liberty Day Kids to state capitol and other locations across the country to meet and quiz legislators and everyday citizens on the constitution.
  • The Liberty Day Institute actively recroiuts and pairs up attorneys, elected officials, and community members with fith grade classes.  The volunteers spend one or two hoiurs in the classroom with the students to review the baxics of the Constitution in a fun and engaging way.